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The Punjab Healthcare Commission is an equal opportunity employer. Everyone who applies to PHC receives thorough consideration without any regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, age, social status, or political ideologies/affiliation.
Sr. NoTitleClosing DateDownload RFP's
1Renewal of Enterprise Antivirus Annual Subscription11:00 AM on 21-07-2020
2Hiring the Services of Hotels03:00 pm on 10-07-2020
3Corrigendum to Tender for Comprehensive Health & Life Plan11:00 AM on 03-06-2020
4Repair & Maintenance of Single Cabin Hilux Vehicles (Conversion of Eight (08)Single Cabin Hilux into 4 Door-Double Cabin through Framework Contract)11:00 AM on 02-06-2020
5Procurement of Uniform03:00 pm on 01-06-2020
6Procurement of Services for Comprehensive Health Takaful Plan and Group Life Takaful Plan11:00 AM on 29-05-2020
7Procurement of Uniform03:00 pm on 02-04-2020
8Procurement of IT Equipment03:00 pm on 01-04-2020
9Procurement of Janitorial Items03:00 pm on 07-02-2020
10Procurement of General Stationery Items03:00 pm on 15-01-2020
11Hiring of Services of Security firm03:00 PM on 20-12-2019
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