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Licensing is a grant of permission issued to a Healthcare Establishment (HCE) by the Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) under the PHC Act 2010 for the use of any premises or conveyance as a Healthcare Establishment.
Licensing Fee
At the time of Registration/Provisional Licensing, a Healthcare Establishment is required to pay a non-refundable fee to the PHC depending upon the type of Healthcare Establishment. For obtaining a Regular License, valid for five years, a licensing fee that is prescribed by the PHC has to be paid by the Healthcare Establishment along with the application on prescribed form.
Category I:
HCEs with 50 beds and above
Category II:
HCEs with 1-50 beds

Cat II-a:    31 to 49 beds
Cat II-b:    16 to 30 beds
Cat II-c:    Up to 15 beds
Category III:
HCEs including single man clinics, poly clinics, Labs, Diagnostic centres, Homeopathic HCEs, Tibb HCEs, FWCs, LHV clinics, maternity/nursing homes, etc
Licensing Fee
Sr No Type of HCEs Licensing Fee for Five Years(Rs)
1 Hakeem Matab 5,000
2 Homeopathic Clinc 5,000
3 MCHC/ CMWs/ Nursing/ Maternity Home 5,000
4 Family Physicians/ Single Man (GPs) Clinic 5,000
5 Single Speciality Clinic 10,000
6 Poly Clinic 15,000
7 Dental Clinic (Single Chair) 5,000
8 Dental Clinic (Multiple Chairs) 20,000
9 Diagnostic Laboratories
9.1 Pathology Lab including Static Labs 10,000
9.2 Main Lab having Collection Centers 15,000
9.3 Pathology Lab + Imaging Center 20,000
9.4 Collection Center 5,000
9.5 X - Ray/ Imaging Center 10,000
9.6 Pathology Lab/ Imaging center having CT Scan/ MRI/ Angio/ other advanced facilities 25,000
10 Cosmetic Surgery/ Hair Transplant/ Liposuction Centers 25,000
11 Hospitals
Cat I hospitals
11.1 a) 300 and above beds 500,000
11.2 b) 100 to 299 beds 300,000
11.3 c) 50 to 99 beds 200,000
Cat II hospitals
11.4 a) 31 to 49 beds 100,000
11.5 b) 16 to 30 beds 30,000
11.6 c) Up to 15 beds 15,000
Note; Provisional Licensing (PL) fee already deposited by the HCEs will be adjusted in Licensing Fee
Introduction to Licensing
Types of Licensing
Licensing Process
Licensing Fee
Renewal & Revocation of Licensing
Registration Form
License Form
Provisional Licensees
Regular Licensees
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