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Licensing is a grant of permission issued to a Healthcare Establishment (HCE) by the Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) under the PHC Act 2010 for the use of any premises or conveyance as a Healthcare Establishment.
Registered Labs
Sr NoDistrictNameAddressContact #
1 AttockAnjum Shaheen LabHazara Road, Tehsil Hassan Abdal, Attock0321-5758002
2 AttockMedicare Clinical LaboratoryHazara Road, Opposite THQ Hospital, Hassan Abdal, Attock0300-5522687
3 BahawalnagarAl Hafiz Clinical Laboratory, Haroon Abad, BahawalnagarOpposite Civil Hospital, Haroon Abad, Bahawalnagar0333-6312213
4 BahawalnagarAli Lab, Chishtian, BahawalnagarNear Civil Hospital, High Way Road, Chishtian, Bahawalngar0333-6348520
5 BahawalnagarIqbal Qaisar Clinical Laboratory, BahawalnagarA-1, Medical Colony, DHQ Hospital, Bahawalnagar0333-6303219
6 BahawalpurArsalan Clinical Lab, Ahmed pur BahawalpurAl Aziz Plaza Near THQ Hospital Ahmad pur East, Bahawalpur0301-7775464
7 BahawalpurAsma Shauket Lab, Medical Colony, Bahawalpur6-A Medical Colony, Bahawalpur0300-6831435
8 BahawalpurGardezi Lab, Medical Colony, BahawalpurMedical Colony, Bahawalpur0321-6801361
9 BahawalpurKhawaja Lab8/A Medical Colony, Bahawalpur0300-9681243
10 BahawalpurLife Lab, Opposite BV Hospital, BahawalpurOpposite BV Hospital, Bahawalpur0336-2701111
11 BahawalpurQasim Clinical LabLibrary Chowk, Circular Road, Bahawalpur0300-9682229
12 BahawalpurRahim Clinical LabNear Bank Al Falah,Circular Road, Bahawalpur0312-9684443
13 BhakkarAl Khidmat Diagnostic Center, College Road, BhakkarRamzan Plaza College Road, Bhakkar0301-6958026
14 BhakkarPathology Lab, Near Chishti Chowk, BhakkarNear Chishti Chowk, Bhakkar0303-9219498
15 ChakwalFS Lab Services, Pindi Road ChakwalAl Rehman Plaza Opp Govt College Pindi Road Chakwal0334-5150430
16 ChakwalH Askari LabOpp Nadra Office Pindi Road,Chakwal0334-2726904
17 ChakwalHassan Clinical Laboratory, Hospital Road, ChakwalRaja Center Near Zafar Hotel, Hospital Road, Chakwal0333-5907688
18 ChakwalIslamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd, Chakwal358, Block 4, Gulberg Town, Rawalpindi Road, Opposite Govt College, Chakwal0300-5137123
19 ChakwalIslamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd, Tehsil Chowk, Chakwal358, Block 4, Gulberg Town Rawalpindi Road, Opposite govt college, Chakwal0343-8530031
20 ChakwalKashif Laboratory, Hospital Road, Chakwal Mohalla Sir Gojra Girls College Road, Chakwal0333-5901167
21 ChiniotAamir Clinical Laboratory, Katchery Road, Chiniot Katchery Road, Chiniot 0321-7712007
22 ChiniotJinnah Laboratery, Mohallah Garah, ChiniotMohallah Garah Near Firebrigade Office, Chiniot0340-1799005
23 Dera Ghazi KhanAl Shifa Lab, DHQ Hospital, Dera Ghazi KhanOpposite Trauma Center, DHQ Hospital, Dera Ghazi Khan0333-6488027
24 Dera Ghazi KhanGhazi Clinical Laboratory, Railway Road, Dera Ghazi KhanShop No 1, Jinnah Medical Complex, Railway Road, Dera Ghazi Khan0321-6790818
25 Dera Ghazi KhanNew Ibraheem Clinical LabHospital Chowk Street No 2, Opposite Trauma Center, Dera Ghazi Khan0334-6489377
26 Dera Ghazi KhanRaza Lab, Musharraf Chowk, D G KhanBlock No 9, Musharraf Chowk, Dera Ghazi Khan0333-5733176
27 Dera Ghazi KhanShahzad Lab, Railway Road, Dera Ghazi KhanBlock No 13 Railway Road Dera Ghazi Khan0335-1171000
28 FaisalabadAhmad Labs, Satiana Road, Faisalabad580-B, Peoples Colony, Saleemi Chowk, Satiana Road, Faisalabad0333-6582008
29 FaisalabadAl Barkat Lab 155-X, Jattan Wala Chowk, Madina Town, Faisalabad0324-4463696
30 FaisalabadAl Falah Clinical LaborartyNew P/O Road Near Chinioti Gate, Chak Jhumra, Faisalabad0321-7642306
31 FaisalabadAl Hameed Laboratory, Millat Town FaisalabadOpp Shell Patrol Pump Millat Town Faisalabad0321-7044193
32 FaisalabadAl Kabeer International Diagnostic & Research Laboratory, Sargodha Road, FaisalabadAllied Mor, Opposite Crescent Mill Gate No.1 Sargodha Road, Faisalabad0333-9669059
33 FaisalabadAl Karam Clinical Laboratories, G.M Abad FaisalabadIqbal Chowk Sadar Bazar G.M abad Faisalabad0313-7753311
34 FaisalabadAl Khidmat Laboratories, Allied Hospital, FaisalabadAkbarabad Chowk Near Allied Hospital, Faisalabad0332-6850118
35 FaisalabadAl Madina Laboratory, Madina Town, FaisalabadMian Jaranwala Road, Zubair Colony, Madina Town, District Faisalabad0300-7642914
36 FaisalabadAl Raheem Lab, Gulistan Colony, FaisalabadOpp Aziz Fatima Hospital Gulistan Colony, Faisalabad 0300-6625116
37 FaisalabadAl Rehmat Hormone Laboratory, Sheikhupura Road, FaisalabadNear Nishatabad Pul Main Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad0315-7206110
38 FaisalabadAl Shifa Diagnostic & Research LabNear Akbarabad Chowk, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad0336-7739734
39 FaisalabadAl Wahid Diagnostic & Reserach Centre, Main Jail Road, FaisalabadMain Jail Road Near Rafiq Colony Chowk, Faisalabad0321-7201209
40 FaisalabadAl-Rahmat LaboratoriesAjmal Centre, 289, Batala Colony, Faisalabad0321-9668905
41 FaisalabadALPHA Hormone Lab, Samanabad, FaisalabadBilal Chowk Main Road Samanabad Faisalabad0345-7798543
42 FaisalabadAlvi LaboratoriesAkbarabad Chowk, Near Allied Hospital, Faisalabad0300-7605393
43 FaisalabadAskari Clinical Laboratory, Mansoorabad, FaisalabadSt # 12 Mansoorabad, Faisalabad0333-6550714
44 FaisalabadAzizia Lab, Johar Colony, FaisalabadP-1091-A Khalkia Maternity Home Johar Colony Near Matto Pura, Faisalabad0321-6605197
45 FaisalabadChaughtai Stat Lab, Main Satiana Road, Faisalabad571-B Peoples Colony # 1, Main Satiana Road, Faisalabad0345-8445093
46 FaisalabadCity Lab FaisalabadNear Allied Hospital, Akbarabad Chowk, Faisalabad0300-6660818
47 FaisalabadDia Scient Health Care Labs, Iqbal Stadium Road New Civil Line, FaisalabadEman Arcade Iqbal Stadium Road New Civil Line District Faisalabad0300-6668754
48 FaisalabadDoctors Lab and Research CentreAkbarabad, Near Allied Hospital, Faisalabad0300-7605393
49 FaisalabadFaisalabad Punjab Diagnostic Lab1405-B Bilal Chowk,Main Road,Samanabad,Faisalabad0321-6605620
50 FaisalabadHealth Zone Lab, Haseeb Shaheed Colony, FaisalbadAl Siddiqi Market Raheem Block, Haseeb Shaheed Colony, Faisalabad0301-5552094
51 FaisalabadJhumra Clinical Lab, Imambargah Road, FaisalabadImambargah Road Near Dr Naseem Irshad Hospital Chak Jhumra, Faisalabad0300-7670403
52 FaisalabadJinnah Lab567-B, Peoples Colony, Faisalabad0300-6668754
53 FaisalabadKhidmat Diagnostic LaboratoryMain Rehmania Road Near Sughra Trust Hospital, Faisalabad0306-7168758
54 FaisalabadKhidmat E Khalq LaboratoriesSharif Chowk Main D Type Colony, Faisalabad0322-6300012
55 FaisalabadKhidmat e Khalq LaboratoryOpposit GC University Allama Iqbal Town Road Faisalabad0300-9565872
56 FaisalabadKhidmat Lab, Gulberg, FaisalabadMain Road Gulberg Opposite National Hospital, Faisalabad0300-9665639
57 FaisalabadLife Care LaboratoryRehman Chowk, Madina Town, Faisalabad0345-5207292
58 FaisalabadMeezan Laboratory, Jail Road, FaisalabadRafiq Colony, Street No. 01, Jail Road, Faisalabad0322-6261557
59 FaisalabadMillat Laboratory, Satiana Road, Faisalabad 575 B Peoples Colony Satiana Road, Faisalabad 0321-6680733
60 FaisalabadMumtaz Al khidmat Clinical LaboratoryIqbal Chowk Sadar Bazar, Ghulam Muhammadabad, Faisalabad0300-6606528
61 FaisalabadNew Millat Laboratory, Opp DHQ Hospital, Faisalabad Opp DHQ Hospital, Faisalabad 0333-6617864
62 FaisalabadPakistan Shifa Lab, Main Sheikhupura Road FaisalabadAdda Johalan Stop Main Sheikhupura Road 32 KM Faisalabad0305-9115885
63 FaisalabadRehman Clinical Laboratory, Ghulam Mohammad Abad, Faisalabad35-B Ghulam Mohammad Abad District Faisalabad0302-7014162
64 FaisalabadRehman Laboratory, Gulistan Colony, FaisalabadP-158-B Millat Road Gulistan Colony, Faisalabad0300-6699565
65 FaisalabadRehmat Diagnostic LaboratoriesPartab Nagar Street No 1 Near Sufi Auto Opp Shell petrol Pump, Jhang Road, Faisalabad0300-8963030
66 FaisalabadRifah LaboratoriesMain Bazar Jhumra Road Near UBL Khurianwala Faisalabad0300-7281762
67 FaisalabadRifah Laboratories, Akbarabad Chowk, FaisalabadAkbarabad Chowk, Near Allied Hospital, Faisalabad0333-6517751
68 FaisalabadRifah Laboratories, Ghulam Muhammadabad, FaisalabadSadar Bazar, Ghulam Muhammadabad, Faisalabad0322-3030330
69 FaisalabadRifah Laboratories, Jinnah Colony, FaisalabadMain Bazar, Near Ideal Sweets, Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad0333-9922154
70 FaisalabadSaffron Clinical Lab674-A Pepole Colony No 1 Near Faisal Hospital, Faisalabad0300-7606356
71 FaisalabadSara Laboratories, Allama Iqbal Colony, FaisalabadMain Road, Allama Iqbal Colony, Mathai Wala Chowk, Faisalabad0300-6677465
72 FaisalabadShaheen LaboratoryNear Main Bazar, Khurrianwala, Faisalabad0345-7678349
73 FaisalabadStandard Lab, Ismail Road, FaisalabadOpposite Allied Hospital, Ismail Road, Faisalabad 
74 FaisalabadZymotic Diagnostic CenterPlot No 8 Office No 504,505 4th Floor, Business Center, Regency Road, New Civil Line, Faisalabad0333-8389592
75 GujranwalaAlaq Medical Diagnostic Centre, Kashmir Road, GujranwalaGreen House, Allah Bakhsh Colony Kasmir Road0300-4463811
76 GujranwalaAll-Noor Medical & Diagnostic Centre, GujranwalaAli Centre Main G.T Road Near Regent Cinema Gujranwala0333-5352124
77 GujranwalaAsad Clinical Lab, Munir Chowk, GujranwalaMunir Chowk, Gujranwala0322-5563009
78 GujranwalaCapital Medical LabOpp DHQ Hospital Aziz Market, Gujranwala0309-5700014
79 GujranwalaChughtai Lab , Satellite Town, GujranwalaChaudhry Hospital 28-D Satellite Town, Gujranwala0303-4066264
80 GujranwalaChughtai Static LabMed Care Hospital, Gill Road, Gujranwala0337-0460249
81 GujranwalaCiti Care Diagnostic centre28 DC Road, Lalazar Colony, Gujranwala0300-8428680
82 GujranwalaDanish Clinical LabMuneer Chowk, Ghazi Plaza, Gujranwala0305-4984461
83 GujranwalaEMMAN Medical Center, Kangniwala Bypass, GujranwalaKangniwala Bypass, Opposite Rana Nasir House, Gujranwala0300-6427538
84 GujranwalaFaisal Clinical LaboratoryGT Road, Ghakhar Mandi Al Riyaz Market, Gujranwala0300-6433425
85 GujranwalaFatima Laboratories, Al Rehman Plaza, GujranwalaAl Rehman Plaza, Munir Chowk, Gujranwala0300-9646050
86 GujranwalaFraz LabFraz Lab Munir Chowk Civil Lines District Gujranwala0300-8649690
87 GujranwalaGive Lab, Court Road, GujranwalaMunir Chowk Court Road, Gujranwala0312-6438682
88 GujranwalaHealth Care Diagnostic Centre,Main Sialkot Bypass Road, Opp. Royal Garden Hotel, Gujranwal 
89 GujranwalaLife Care Diagnostic Centre, Al-Meraj Fan Gondalawala Road, Gujranwala426-B Model Town Opp Al-Meraj Fan Gondalawala Road Qiladedar Singh, Gujranwala0300-6434605
90 GujranwalaMisbah Diagnostic CenterZia Plaza Opp GTS Bus Stand G T Road, Gujranwala0333-5188151
91 GujranwalaNaveed Lab & Blood BankAl Aziz Market, Opposite DHQ Hospital, Gujranwala 0300-6434605
92 GujranwalaPacific Diagnostic CenterMain Sialkot Bypas Road Near Khurram Fillaing Station Opp Garden Town, Gujranwala0306-8888040
93 GujranwalaPride LabAziz Market, Opposite DHQ, Gujranwala0333-3455855
94 GujranwalaRoyal Diagnostic Centre, Sui Gas Road, GujranwalaHouse 202, Suigas Road, Gujranwala0300-8633664
95 GujratAwami Lab1st Floor Hilal-e-Ahmer Complex Gulzar-e-Madina Road, Gujrat0300-8721884
96 GujratBukhari Diagnostic Centre, Rehman Shaheed Road, GujratBukhari Diagnostic Centre, Rehman Shaheed Road, Gujrat0300-8720397
97 GujratDr. AR LabCourt Road Near Dubai Islamic Bank, Katchery Chowk, Gujrat0333-6209693
98 GujratFriends Lab, Kharian, GujratMain G.T Road, Kharian, Gujrat0345-9113329
99 GujratHealth Diagnostic Laboratory , G.T Road lalamusa , GujratOpposite Shabbir Shaheed Hospital, Gujrat0337-7512299
100 GujratIbraheem Lab, Kharian GujratSadwal Road Kotla Arab Ali Khan, Kharian, Gujrat0300-5627461
101 GujratIslamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) LtdSarwar Plaza, Marghzar Colony, Purani Chungi Bhimber, Near Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Teaching Hospital, Jail Road, Gujrat0346-8297977
102 GujratNew Zam Zam Medical LabShabir Market Road Gulyana Khariyan Gujrat0345-8884007
103 GujratShadab lab Clinical LaboratoryAl Karam Plaza, Kotla Arab Ali Khan, Kharian, Gujrat0333-2344485
104 JhangAl Khidmat Diagnostic Center, Gojra Road, JhangGojra Road, Jhang0300-7508103
105 JhangAl Khidmat Diagnostic Centre, Shor Kot, JhangShahid Shaheed Road Shor Kot, Jhang0334-7429677
106 JhangAskari Lab, Gojra Road, JhangAskari Lab Gojra Road Jhang0301-6994787
107 JhangKhalid Clinical Laboratory, Opp D.H.Q. Hospital, JhangOpp D.H.Q Hospital District Jhang0333-6538564
108 JhangMishal Diagnostic LaboratoryGojra Road, Opp DHQ T.B Hospital, Jhang0334-6508547
109 JhelumAhmed DiagnosticJada Road, Near DHQ Hospital, Jehlum0300-9519439
110 JhelumAhmed LabChauhdry Shopping Centre, Dina, Jhelum0300-9516528
111 JhelumIslamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt) Ltd, JhelumOutside District Headquarter Hospital, Jhelum Road, Jhelum0345-5137123
112 JhelumJhelum Tariq Lab, Jada, JhelumOld GT Road, Jada, Jhelum0333-5881507
113 JhelumPremier Pathology LabChak Jamal, Opposite Middle School (Boys), Jhelum0334-9578691
114 JhelumShaheen Diagonostic Center JhelumCMH Jhelum Cantt Opp ABL, Jhelum0346-7955055
115 JhelumZam Zam Diagnostic Centre, Near Main Gate DHQ, JhelumNear Main Gate DHQ Hospital, Jhelum0300-9525440
116 KasurAl Noor Test Lab, Habibabad, Kasur Main Bazar GT Road Habibabad, Kasur 0333-3952418
117 KasurCity Medical Lab, Railway Road, KasurChowk Lalyani Adda, Railway Road, Kasur0321-6574271
118 KasurFaisal Askari Clinical Lab, Chunian, KasurNear Wapda Complaint Office Chunian, Kasur0300-5218604
119 KasurHi Care Diagnostic LabMain Kalarkabad Opp THQ Hospital, Kot Radha Kishan, Kasur0341-8759958
120 KasurSaeed Medical Lab, Faisal Colony Pattoki Kasur Faisal Colony Pattoki Kasur 0321-4039163
121 KhanewalDoctors Lab & Research Center, 14-Stadium Road, Khanewal14-Stadium Road, Khanewal0331-6901040
122 KhanewalDoctors Lab Research Centre, Zargham School, Kabirwala, KhanewalMakhdoom Pur Road, Near Govt Zargham School. Kabirwala, Khanewal0300-6882646
123 KhanewalTehseen Clinical Lab, Bhutta Chowk, KhanewalH No 9, Block No 10, Bhutta Chowk, Khanewal0332-6326564
124 LahoreAAA Diagnostic Lab, Millat Road, LahoreBasement Ikram Medical Centre, Millat Road, Islampura, Lahore0300-9696488
125 LahoreAalimah Diagnostic Center, 12-Shadman-II Jail Road, Lahore12-Shadman-II Opp PIC Hospital Jail Road, Lahore0322-2028083
126 LahoreAccess LaboratoriesOffice No.131-C, C-Block Market, Gulshan e Ravi, Lahore0347-4052617
127 LahoreACCU Lab (PVT) LTD, Rasool Park, Lahore21-Shama Road Rasool Park, Ichra, Lahore0311-1222207
128 LahoreACL Diagnostic Centre, Kalma Chowk Lahore18-KM Main Ferozepur Road Near Pak-Arab Housing Scheme 4th floor Noor Hospital Opposite Descon Head Quarters, Lahore0321-9444002
129 LahoreAdvanced Medical Diagnostic Centre, 9-B,College Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore0321-4844984
130 LahoreAga Khan Stat Lab, Opp Services Hospital, LahoreH-89 Jail Road Opp Services Hospital, Lahore-
131 LahoreAk Laboratory, Faisal Town Lahore156-A Faisal Town Opp Jinnah Hospital, Lahore0333-4156876
132 LahoreAl Faisal LabOpp General Hospital, Lahore0321-7197177
133 LahoreAl Hameed Lab Research Centre, Johar Town Lahore 401,EII Johar Town Lahore0333-4611346
134 LahoreAl Khursheed Lab, Ravi Road, Lahore81-D Timber Market Ravi Road, Lahore0302-4157600
135 LahoreAl Khurshid Diagnostic Centre, LahoreChowk Nakhuda Wassan Pura, Lahore0334-4248576
136 LahoreAl Madina Lab Diagnostic Center23-km Main Ferozepur Road, Kahna Nau, Lahore0310-5270444
137 LahoreAl Madina Medical Lab, Bhatta Chowk, Lahore21-J, K.B Colony, Near Bhatta Chowk, Lahore0322-8010584
138 LahoreAl Nasar lab & Diagnostic Centre, Maulana Shaukat Ali Road Lahore31-E, Johar Town Maulana Shaukat Ali Road Lahore0300-8400944
139 LahoreAL Nasar Lab, Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, Lahore950-B, Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, Lahore0301-8400944
140 LahoreAl Noor Laboratory, Sham Nagar Road Lahore30 Sham Nagar Road Lahore0345-4067603
141 LahoreAl Razi Healthcare, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore9-Gulshan Block, Main Boulevard, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore0300-8505416
142 LahoreAl Shifa Lab Diagnostic Center, LGH, LahoreNear Caltex Petrol Pump, LGH, Lahore0321-4436393
143 LahoreAl Shifa Lab Diagnostic Centre, LahoreNasrullah Plaza Near Kora Stop Main Walton Road Cantt Lahore0321-4436393
144 LahoreAl Sirat Lab172/5-C II Mader e Millat Road Near Ghazi Chowk College Road Township, Lahore0307-5613399
145 LahoreAlam International Laboratory, Faisal Town, Lahore606-A, Main Moulana Shoukat Ali Road, Faisal Town0333-4555141
146 LahoreAli Labs, Cocacola Stop 230 Multan Road, LahoreCocacola Stop 230 Multan Road, Lahore0322-8441899
147 LahoreAllied Lahore Lab, Paragon City, LahorePlaza No. 11, Imperial Market, Paragon City, Barki Road, Lahore0308-7905860
148 LahoreAlpha Pathology Lab77-41-B1, Township, Lahore0345-8289015
149 LahoreAlpine Labs, Johar Town,, Lahore90-F,Jagawar Chowk,Johar Town , Lahore0321-8311697
150 LahoreAqsa Lab, Shahdara, LahoreAqsa Lab, Chowk Shahdara More, Lahore0333-4742302
151 LahoreArshad Ultrasound Clinic, Model Town, LahoreOffice No 22 Saleem Arcade Block-Q Model Town Lahore0300-4696907
152 LahoreAsad Clinical Lab, Faisal Town, Lahore152-A, Faisal Town, Lahore0321-4237621
153 LahoreAsia Diagnostic Centre, Township, LahoreHouse No 14, 1C-2, College Road, Quaid e Azam Town, Township, Lahore0300-7068888
154 LahoreAsia Diagonostic Lab, Township, LahoreBuilding No 520, Block No 15, Sector B1, Quaid e Azam Town, College Road, Township, Lahore0322-8095143
155 LahoreAyesha Clinical Lab113D, Gulshan-e-Ravi Near Malik Muneer Road, Lahore0333-5690901
156 LahoreAznostics-The Diagnostic Centre71 Jail Road, GOR I, Lahore0321-4805577
157 LahoreBestway Medical Clinic, Main Boulevard Johar Town, Lahore77-G-2 Phase-II Main Boulevar Johar Town, Lahore0300-8446183
158 LahoreBio Medical Laboratory, AIT, Lahore 23 Gulshan Block Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore0302-4888158
159 LahoreBio Tech Lahore Laboratory and Research Center, Faisal Town, LahoreShop No. 1, 178-A Faisal Town Near Gate GOR-5, Lahore0321-4960825
160 LahoreBiodiagnostic Laboratory2-Tariq Block, New Garden Town, Lahore0304-5065060
161 LahoreBiogen Medical Laboratory, Township, Lahore407-A-1, Haider Road Township, Lahore0333-6261968
162 LahoreBokhari Lab, Faisal Town, Lahore538-A Shaukat Ali Road Faisal Town, Lahore0307-7860444
163 LahoreCanal View Diagnostic Centre, Old Muslim Town, Lahore4 A/1-Noon Avenue, Old Muslim Town Lahore 
164 LahoreCantt Lab Sadar Bazar, Lahore9/B Lahore Road Sadar Bazar, Lahore0321-8468271
165 LahoreCapital Lab, Faisal Town, Lahore26A, HBFC Villas, Faisal Town, Lahore0300-9490764
166 LahoreCapital Lab, Jail Road, Lahore126 Halitat Flat Shadman II Jail Road, Lahore0300-9490764
167 LahoreCare Clinical LabBank Stop, Ashiyana Road, Iqbal Chowk Near Kashmar Bakers, Lahore0333-8012374
168 LahoreCare Diagnostics Lab, Kot Lakhpat, LahoreE-387/2, Ghazi Road Stop, Main Ferozpure Road, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore0301-4222294
169 LahoreCDC Laboratories, Township, Lahore 8-2-D1 Umer Chowk Township, Lahore0321-9415231
170 LahoreCentral Lab519-A, Faisal Town, Lahore0322-8499485
171 LahoreCentral Lahore LabMain Kala Khatai Road, Railway Crossing No. 9, Shahdara, Lahore0307-8118494
172 LahoreChughtai Lab, Jail Road, Lahore07-Jail Road, Lahore0344-4448982
173 LahoreChughtai Medical Complex10-A, Jail Road, Lahore0345-8272007
174 LahoreChughtai Stat Lab.Akram Medical Complex, Ayesha Siddiqua Road, Main Gulberg, Lahore0340-4504148
175 LahoreChughtais Plus Lahore Laboratory, Johar Town, Lahore478-Meer Street, Johar Town, Lahore 0333-0446726
176 LahoreCiti Lab & Research Center Lahore525-A Maulana Shoukat Ali Road, Near Jinnah Hospital, Faisal Town, Lahore0300-4265177
177 LahoreCity Lahore Lab, Samanabad, Lahore297-F Block Rehman Pura Tankywala Chowk Link Wahadat Road Lahore 0344-4371063
178 LahoreClin Lab, Faisal Town, Lahore517-A, Faisal Town, Lahore0300-8476503
179 LahoreClinlab PCR531-A Faisal Town, Lahore0322-0000704
180 LahoreCommunity Health Solution (CHS Lab)355-A 1st Floor Mazzab Bahbrah Ferozpur Road, Lahore0335-2537412
181 LahoreConcept Laboratories, Shalimar link Raod LahoreBasement Shahnaz Medical Centre Shalimar Link Road Lahore0321-4626186
182 LahoreCORC Lab, DHA Lahore200-Y, DHA Lahore0345-4211113
183 LahoreDecent Hormone Lab, Ferozepur Road, LahoreOPD Gate No 3 Lahore General Hospital Ferozepur Road, Lahore0322-4080664
184 LahoreDoctor Medical Laboratory, Lahore4-A Akbar Road Shalamar Lahore0333-4216507
185 LahoreDoctors Lahore Laboratory, Rajgarh, LahoreNear Al Ghazali School, Ex-Firdous Cinema, Rajgarh, Lahore0307-4486193
186 LahoreDr. Zaheer Diagnostic Centre, 37-M, Model Town, Lahore37-M, Model Town Ext Civic Centre, Lahore0334-8633443
187 LahoreEman Diagnostic Lab,Faisal Bank, LahoreNear HBL Chowk Mughalpura, Lahore0332-4392886
188 LahoreExcel Lab, Akram Medical Complex, Ayesha Saddiqua Road, Lahore2-B, Main Gulberg, Ayesha Siddiqua Road District Lahore0300-0800321
189 LahoreExcel Lab, Thokar, Lahore20-Best Wood Colony, Canal Road, Thokar, Lahore0300-8555023
190 LahoreExcel Labs, Model Town, Lahore1-M, Civic Center, Model Town, Lahore0300-0800321
191 LahoreFatima Clinical LaboratoryMoula Bakhsh Chowk Bilal Gunj, Lahore0323-8323323
192 LahoreFazal Medical Diagnostic Centre, Township, LahoreFazal Medical Diagnostic Centre 542 A2 Block 2 Haider Road Township Lahore0301-2629047
193 LahoreFortis Diagnostic LabHameedah Memorial Hospital Fortis Lab D-Block Valancia Town, Lahore0345-4515418
194 LahoreGenome Centre Lab, Shaukat Khanum Road, LahoreAl Sudais Plaza, CL-25 Block-B, Abdalian Corporation Housing Society, Shaukat Khanum Road, Johar Town, Lahore0346-4342936
195 LahoreGlobal Diagnostics Labortory, Main Jail Road, Lahore97-A, Main Jail Road, Lahore0321-4236581
196 LahoreGreen Care Lab,(3PM To 10PM) Jail Road, LahorePlot No.7,Basement,Sarwar Road, Lahore0320-4410458
197 LahoreHadi Lab, Bund Road, Lahore Chowk Yateem Khana Bund Road, Lahore0321-4172038
198 LahoreHameed LaboratoriesNear Seek Schook, Opposite Police Station, Mustafabad( Dharampura), Lahore0321-4142182
199 LahoreHashim Clinical Laboratory799 Shadman 1 Colony, Lahore0321-4420049
200 LahoreHi Vision Lab, Faisal Town, Lahore532/A, Opp Jinnah Hospital, Faisal Town, Lahore0300-4237012
201 LahoreHormone Lab, Lahore.561-A Faisal Town Near Jinnah Hospital, Lahore0333-4871017
202 LahoreHoss Diagnostics, PIA Society, Lahore39-B-1, 1st Floor, Main Boulevard, PIA Society, Lahore0332-4338808
203 LahoreHum Labs, Faisal Town, LahoreH No 151-A, HBFC, Faisal Town, Opp Jinnah Hospital, Lahore0308-8986277
204 LahoreHuman Care Laboratories, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore 261 Huma Block Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore0321-4716414
205 LahoreI-Karim Lab, Gulshan e Ravi, Lahore21-A Gulshan e Ravi, Lahore0333-4747510
206 LahoreIbn-e-Sina Clinical Lab259-B, GECHS Phase 3-B Link Road, Lahore0304-8162004
207 LahoreIbrahim Lab, Main Market Gulberg, Lahore22-E Main Market Gulberg, Lahore0300-8455964
208 LahoreIdeal LaboratoryShop No 131 Shah The Khoee Dhanna Singh, Lahore 
209 LahoreIndus Clinical Laboratories (Satellite Lab) Ammar Medical Complex8-Jail Road, Main Gulberg, Lahore0333-4284991
210 LahoreIndus Clinical Laboratories, 99A Shadman-1, Lahore99A Shadman-1, Lahore0300-8427616
211 LahoreInfinity Diagnostic Center81-R/1 Johar Town, Lahore0321-1110516
212 LahoreInnova labs And Diagnostics, Johar Town Lahore34-B, Johar Town Jamila Faredy Medical Centre Lahore0
213 LahoreInternational Medical Center, 16-D-II Johar Town, Lahore16-D-II Johar Town, Lahore0321-7200321
214 LahoreInvitro Genesis Lab, Jail Road LahoreOffice No 3, 3rd Floor, Lucky Centre Qurtaba Chowk Jail Road Lahore0300-4224338
215 LahoreIslamabad Diagnostic CenterEver Care Hospital D-Block, Nespak Housing Soceity, Lahore0321-5111169
216 LahoreIslamabad Diagnostic CenterPlot No 4-A/1 Shadman II, Jail Road, Lahore0309-8888024
217 LahoreK S Lab, Cavalry Ground, Lahore15.A Street No.15 Cavalry Ground EXT Lahore0300-4303936
218 LahoreLab Genetix G-3, Al Hafeez Business Centre, 89-B/III, Gulburg III, Lahore0300-8500577
219 LahoreLab One, New Garden Town, Lahore 5/64A, Usman Block New Garden Town, Lahore 0300-4259709
220 LahoreLab- One Multan road, LahorePlot No A/151 Block A H.B.F.C Faisal Town, Lahore0300-4259709
221 LahoreLabex Diagnostic Lab, Kot Lakhpat, LahoreOpp Qabrastan Akber Shaheed Road Kot Lakhpat, Lahore0322-4052362
222 LahoreLaboratory Company of Pakistan (LabPk)2-A, G-Block, Johar Town, Lahore0300-6116767
223 LahoreLabtech943-B, Molana Shoukat Ali Road, Lahore0323-5550222
224 LahoreLahore Diagnostic Center8-A Johar Town, Lahore0300-8464049
225 LahoreLahore Diagnostic Center117-G Street No 1 Block G, Johar Town, Lahore0341-2312325
226 LahoreLahore Diagnostic Centre, Iqbal Town Lahore299- Jehanzaib Block Iqbal Town Lahore0323-8834305
227 LahoreLahore Health Care Lab, Faisal Town, Lahore156-A Faisal Town Opposite Jinnah Hospital, Lahore0324-9979997
228 LahoreLahore Hi Tech Diagnostic Centre, Raiwind Road, LahoreHouse No.16-B, Main Sher Shah Colony, Raiwind Road, Lahore0320-4139710
229 LahoreLahore HI- Care Diagnostic, LahoreShop no 3 opp OPD Gate, Jinnah Hospital, Lahore0322-4035157
230 LahoreLahore Lab Care, Wahdat Road, Lahore Shop No.12-A Mian Shopping Centre 9-A Wahdat Road, Lahore0300-4424974
231 LahoreLahore Medical Lab & Diagnostic Center, 87 lower Ground Block A2, Johar Town Lahore0334-4275960
232 LahoreLahore Medical Laboratories & Research Center, New Jail Road, LahoreNew Jail Road, Near Jamia Masjid, Madina Ahl-e-Hadees, Chungi Amer Sidhu, Lahore0301-6834657
233 LahoreLahore Pcr Lab, 571-A Faisal Town, Lahore571-A Faisal Town Moulana Shoukat Ali Road District Lahore0302-4473616
234 LahoreLife Care Diagnostic Lab, Nishtar Colony, Lahore520 Bilal Block Nishtar Colony, Lahore0303-4392572
235 LahoreLife Care Lab, Green Town, LahoreQaisra Hospital 36--NIL-D2, Near Madina Medical Store, Bagrian Chowk, Green Town, Lahore0321-4680740
236 LahoreLife Line Laboratories & Diagnostic Centre, Lahore12-Shadman II Opp P.I.C Hospital Jail Road Lahore 
237 LahoreLivartes Pathology Lab575-A, Faisal Town, Near Jinnah Hospital, Lahore0303-7407576
238 LahoreMaryam Diagnostic Centre, Near Punjab Instituet Of Cardialogy Hospital, Lahore7-B Shadman-II, Behind City 42 Near Punjab Institute Of Cardialogy Hospital, Data Ganj Buksh Town, Lahore0321-6833788
239 LahoreMedi Cure Laboratories, 262 Riwaz Garden, Lahore0321-4893858
240 LahoreMedi Lab, Lahore154, Allama Iqbal Road, Mustafa Bad, Lahore0300-4368965
241 LahoreMedical Diagnostic Laboratory, Model Town, Lahore20-L Model Town, Lahore0300-2127588
242 LahoreMedics Diagnostics Labs Harbanspura, LahoreMain Canal Road, Service Line Canal Bank Scheme Gate No 1, Harbans Pura, Lahore0331-7860456
243 LahoreMeditest Lab, Jail Road, Lahore73 Jail Road Taj Arcade, Lahore0333-4981981
244 LahoreMedix Lab, Islampura, Lahore1-Chohan Road, Akhri Bus Stop, Islampura, Lahore0322-8612126
245 LahoreMeezan Laboratory & Diagnostic CentreShop No. 1, Mughal Market, General Hospital, Lahore0333-4949322
246 LahoreMega Test Lab, Faisal Town, Lahore 516-A, Faisal Town,Opposite Jinnah Hospital, Lahore0323-4346018
247 LahoreMetro City Lab41 Peco Road,Near Pindi Stop, Lahore0347-1000070
248 LahoreMinhaj Welfare Diagnostic Centre, Shalimar Link Road, Lahore71-Basement Shabnum Centre, Shalimar Link Road, Lahore0300-4102701
249 LahoreMolecular Medical Diagnostic Lab, 701 Dehli Road, Lahore 242 Mubarak Road Opposite Chand Wale Masjid Near Saddar Roundabout Saddar Cantt, Lahore0334-4276660
250 LahoreMughal Diagnostic & Research LabPlot No 294 Block 3,Johar Towan, Lahore 
251 LahoreMulti Test LaboratoryShop No.224,Firdous Park,Near Must Iqbal Road,Opposite Lahore Gernal Hospital Ferozepur Road, Lahore0313-4241413
252 LahoreMy Lab Diagnostics, Chauburji Center, Lahore18-C,1st floor , Chauburji Center, Lahore0343-3331999
253 LahoreNational Diagnostic Centre, Johar Town, LahoreHouse No.409 Block-G-4 Ma, Jouhar Town, Lahore0323-8440080
254 LahoreNehal Diagnostic Centre, Faisal Town, Lahore519-520-A, Faisal Town, Lahore0300-9403557
255 LahoreNeo Genomics Lab 134-A, GOR-5,Faisal Town,Lahore0300-4188619
256 LahoreNew Finical Laboratory, Shalamar Town, LahoreNew Finecal Lab 18 Dilshad St. Shalamar Town, Lahore0333-4383292
257 LahoreNoor Diagnostic Lab, Gulberg, Lahore814-G, Q Block Flats Model Town, Gulberg, Lahore0333-4327485
258 LahoreNorth Star Medical Diagnostic13-L Model Town, Lahore0306-8888040
259 LahoreOman Diagnostic Centre26-K Johar Town, Lahore0300-5009398
260 LahoreParamount Medical Clinic, Usama Block Gardan Town, Lahore74/5 Usama Block Gardan Town District Lahore0301-8435522
261 LahorePlasma LabCanal Bank Road, Tajpura Scheme, Lahore0334-2623470
262 LahorePride LabChohan Clinic Opposite Lahore College for Women Jail Road, Lahore0334-9965870
263 LahorePride Lab, 236-A Faisal Town, Lahore236-A Faisal Town, Lahore0320-0000236
264 LahoreProfessional Diagnostic CenterOutlet No 23 Askari Commercial Market, Sarfraz Rafiqui Road, Lahore Cantt0321-8463040
265 LahorePunjab Medical & Diagnostic Centre, Model Town, LahoreMezanine Floor Plaza, Tele Tower, Model Town Link Road, Lahore0321-7966269
266 LahoreQazi Clinical Lab17-A Shalamar Link Road, Lahore0300-8081121
267 LahoreQuality Care Lab, Main Ferozpur Road, Lahore369 Near Gourmet Bakers Naseerabad Main Ferozpur Road, Lahore0321-7825489
268 LahoreQuest Medical Centre, Garden Town, Lahore13-13 A, Aibak Block Garden Town, Lahore0321-4592037
269 LahoreRahila Research & Reference Lab15-A Queens Road, Near Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore0321-9431788
270 LahoreRahila Research Lab, Shadman, Lahore8-B, Shadman, II Behind Omer Hospital, Jail Road, Lahore0322-9007700
271 LahoreReal Basic Diagnostic LabChandni Chowk, Wandala Road, Shahdara, Lahore0321-4259005
272 LahoreRehman Diagnostic & Research Center, Old Muslim Town, Lahore 15-Noon Avenue, Ilyas Street, Old Muslim Town, Lahore0321-9474281
273 LahoreRidan Diagnostic Canter16-N Johar Town, Lahore0322-8095143
274 LahoreRimsha LabNadrabad No 2, Bedian Road, Lahore0300-4140262
275 LahoreSaboor Medical & Diagnostic Center138-Shadman II, Jail Road, Lahore0321-4758236
276 LahoreSachal Laboratory & Research Center, Johar Town, Lahore391-E Block (Sadan Hospital) Main Boulevard Johar Town, Lahore0336-4668667
277 LahoreSalman Chughtai's Lab154-A, HBFC, Opposite Jinnah Hospital, District Lahore0322-8441899
278 LahoreSamar Diagnostic CenterOpp Govt Hospital Kot Khawaja Saeed, Shadbagh, Lahore0333-4229468
279 LahoreShalamar Lab & X-ray Center, Shalimar, LahoreShalimar Link Road, Near Shehnaz Hospital, Lahore0333-4349742
280 LahoreShifa LabNadeem Shaheed Road Samanabad, Lahore0333-4225029
281 LahoreShifa Laboratory, Lahore 61- Nisbat Road Chowk Mayo Hospital Lahore0300-4141392
282 LahoreSial Diagnostic Centre (SDC), Faisal Town Lahore522-A, Faisal Town Lahore0345-6669909
283 LahoreSpecialist Health Lab71-E, Mulana Shoukat Ali Road, Johar Town, Lahore0321-4730790
284 LahoreSuperior Lahore Lab, Faisal Town, LahoreShop No 154-A, Faisal Town, Opp Jinnah Hospital, Lahore0335-8620383
285 LahoreTaj Medical Travellers Clinic, Lahore25-Civic Centre, Behind Sunday Bazar Park, Near Mian Plaza, Johar Town, Lahore0321-2555001
286 LahoreTaqwa Medical Diagnostic Center, 1-Raza Block Wahdat Road, Lahore1-Raza Block Wahdat Road, Lahore0312-4380143
287 LahoreTauheed Lab and Diagnostic Centre, LahoreBoy Scout Stop, Walton Road, Lahore0333-4223688
288 LahoreTest Care Lab, Faisal Town Lahore608-A Maulana Shoukat Ali Road, Opp. Johar Event Complex, Faisal Town, Lahore0332-8472524
289 LahoreTest Zone Diagnostic Centre, Faisal Town Lahore 133-A, Faisal Town, Opposite Allama Iqbal Medical College, Gate No. 2, Lahore0308-4169123
290 LahoreTestvision Medical LaboratoryEwan e Tijarat Road, Near Quaid e Azam College, Shadman Chowk, Lahore0333-8558444
291 LahoreThe Doctors LabMain Feroz Pur Road Near Lahore General Hospital, Ferozepur Road, Lahore0321-4647175
292 LahoreThe Lab Test Clinical Laboratory, Saddar Bazar, LahoreShop No 300 Near Imam Bargah Sadar Bazar, Lahore0333-4547407
293 LahoreThe Medical Laboratories36 Lawrence Road, Lahore0321-4161730
294 LahoreUK Chughtai Lab, Samanabad LahorePlot No. 783, Block N, Opp. Malmo Bakers, Main Poonch Road, Samanabad, Lahore0301-8415678
295 LahoreUni Tech Diagnostic Centre, Bedian Road, LahoreImran Raza Plaza, Nadirabad, Bedian Road, Lahore0300-9419925
296 LahoreUnique Lahore Lab1st Floor United Building Itehad Colony 6-R Multan Road, Lahore0300-5599512
297 LahoreUniversity Of Lahore Teaching Hospital Diagnostic CenterShop No 4, 156/A Faisal Town, Lahore0323-4249294
298 LahoreUS Chughtais Lab856-N Poonch Road Samanabad, Lahore0300-4093093
299 LahoreVenus Diagnostics Centre13 Aibak Block 1st Floor Garden Town, Lahore0306-8888040
300 LahoreVital Molecular Diagnostic & Research Lab, Main Ferozepur Road, Lahore5/2 Ilyas Street Upper Canal Faiz Road Old Muslim Town Lahore0334-2623470
301 LahoreVock Health Lab711 Shadman 1, Opposite Al Noor Diagnostic, Opposite Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore0312-2221112
302 LahoreWafi Medical Clinic70-C Main Wahadat Road,Muslim Town,Lahore0301-8419419
303 LahoreWahab Lab, Islampura, Lahore10 Ansari Road, Islampura, Lahore0321-7159876
304 LahoreZinis Laboratory, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore8 Gulshan Block Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore0333-4319705
305 LayyahAl Falah Medical LabOpposite DHQ Near Kazmi Pharmacy Layyah0321-4099787
306 LayyahAl Khidmat Diagnostic Centre, Link Road, LayyahLink Road, Layyah0301-6958026
307 LayyahDrs Clinical Lab, Near DHQ Hospital, LayyahNear DHQ Hospital, Layyah0331-6829199
308 LayyahNishter Clinical Laboratory, Opp DHQ Hospital, LayyahOpp DHQ Hospital, Layyah0333-8910854
309 LayyahRifah Laboratories Railway Road Karoor lal Eason layyahFatehpur Road, Karoor Lal Easan, Layyah0300-8761477
310 Mandi BahauddinMakhdoom Laboratories Opp DHQ Hosptial, Mandi Bahauddin0321-7742211
311 Mandi BahauddinSultan Lab, Thana Road, Mandi BahauddinAl Shifa Hospital Thana Road Mandi Bahauddin0321-7754449
312 MultanAga Khan Stat Lab, Opp National Bank Nishtar Road, MultanKarim Centre Opp National Bank Nishtar Road, Multan -
313 MultanAl Barkat Diagnostic Centre, Shah Rukne Alam Colony, Multan236-A General Bus Stand S.R.A Colony, Multan0334-6789122
314 MultanAl Habib Diagnostic Centre, Bosan Town, MultanNew Shalimar Colony, Near Mobilink Tower, Bosan Town, Multan0333-5850555
315 MultanAl Khidmat Diagnostic Centre, I.Sarwar Road Sher Shah Town, MultanI.Sarwar Road Pul Moj Darya Sher Shah Town, Multan 
316 MultanAlpha Laboratory & FNA Clinic6 Karim Centre Near National Bank Nishtar Road, Multan0334-6197260
317 MultanAyesha Medical Centre, Shahrukne Alam, Multan469-C, Shah Rukne Alam Colony, Multan0321-7200321
318 MultanBritish LabNishter Road Multan0311-1333356
319 MultanCity Clinical LaboratoryHouse No 19,Street 2 Block T , New Multan0331-4478791
320 MultanDr. Thagfan Diagnostic Center, 100 Foot Road, MultanHouse No 19, Block w, 100 Foot Road, New Multan, Multan 
321 MultanEscort Diagnostic Centre, Rashidabad Chowk, MultanCommercial Plaza, Near Papa Gino Pizza Track, Rashidabad Chowk, Multan0321-4520297
322 MultanExcel Lab, Nishter Road, MultanMahar Center, Nishter Road, Multan0301-7401848
323 MultanFatima Diagnostic Centre, Khanewal Road, Multan1051-C Khanewal Road, Near Chowk Rasheedabad, Multan0306-7723698
324 MultanGhauris LabNishtar Road, Near Bridge, Multan 0300-8730474
325 MultanGulgasht Lab, Jinnah Park Gulgash Colony, Multan487-C Fatma Jinnah Park Gulgash Colony District Multan0300-6386717
326 MultanHealth Care Laboratory, Bosan Road, Multan258B, Gulgasht Colony, Bosan Road, Multan0321-7352414
327 MultanHorizon Medical Laboratory, Khanewal Road, MultanPlot No 335, Khanewal Road, Multan0321-5505342
328 MultanIslamabad Diagnostic Centre (pvt)Ltd, Multan94 Al-kamal Plaza, Opposite Dost Plaza, Near Nishter Hospital, Nishtar Road, Multan0300-5137123
329 MultanKhan Lab'sKareem Centre, Nishtar Road, Multan 
330 MultanLab Point, Nishtar Road, MultanShop No 5, Dost Plaza, Nishtar Road, Multan0300-7339059
331 MultanLatif Diagnostic Center, Sher Shah Town, MultanGrass Mandi, Phatak Multan0333-7388171
332 MultanMacca DiagnosticSuit No.1,Mehar Center, Nishtar Road,Multan0304-4589000
333 MultanMultan City Lab, Nishter Road, Multan Opposite Emergency Nishter Road, Multan0334-6789122
334 MultanMultan Diagnostic Clinic, Ahmad Park, Multan4 Ahmad Park Khanewal Road, Near Hamza CNG, Mutan 
335 MultanMulti Test LabJail Road Near Girls Hostel Nishtar Medical College, Multan0300-9638536
336 MultanMushtaq Clinical Lab, MultanOpp Excise & Taxation Office MDA Chowk, Multan0300-8731392
337 MultanNational PCR Lab, Nisthar Road, MultanShop No.8,9, Durani Plaza, Nisthar Road, Multan0333-6118239
338 MultanNishat LabsOpposite Chinab Hospital, Chungi No.1, Suraj Miani Road, Multan0301-7539213
339 MultanOverseas Diagnostic Center, Bulding No.768-7-A Khanewal Road, MultanBuilding No.786-A Khanewal Road Mahmoodabad, Multan0321-4295856
340 MultanParagon Mecial Centre, Bodha Town Road, MultanHouse No 24, Block Z, Bodha Town Road, Near Chowk Kumharan, Multan0300-6303038
341 MultanPoly Lab70-Dost Plaza Nishtar Road, Multan0300-6326302
342 MultanRaza Lab, Nishtar Road, MultanMehroz Plaza Opp Nishtar Bijli Ghar, Nishtar Road Multan0300-6325230
343 MultanReal PCR Lab, MultanShop no 83, Dost Medical Complex Nisshtar Road Multan0334-9825856
344 MultanRiyadh Diagnostic Center, Madni Chowk, MultanPlot No 19, Gulshan Market, Near Madni Chowk, Multan0300-6340615
345 MultanSeven Star Diagnostic Center, Shah Rukne Alam, Multan236A, Shah Rukne Alam Colony, Multan0321-4295856
346 MultanTaqwa Lab, Nishtar Road, MultanOpposite Dost Plaza, Nishtar Road, Multan0304-4163765
347 MultanWell Being Diagnostic Center, Khanewal Road, MultanGround Floor Noor Center, Near Deewoo Terminal, Khanewal Road, Multan0322-4110541
348 MultanZartaj Lab, Zainab Arcade, Nishtar Road, MultanZartaj Lab, Zainab Arcade, Nishtar Road, Multan0336-6121201
349 MuzaffargarhMoon Lab & Digital X-Ray, Chowk Sarwar Shaheed, MuzaffargarhRang Pur Road, Chowk Sarwar Shaheed, Muzaffargarh0302-4543849
350 MuzaffargarhUmer Clinical lab.Abbas Plaza0300-8488154
351 Nankana SahibGulzar Clinical Lab & Diagnostic Centre, Shahkot, NankanaMilad Chowk, Shahkot, Nankana0345-7841998
352 Nankana SahibNizami Laboratory, Nankana SahibShah Kot Nankana Sahib0322-6412864
353 NarowalAl Azeem lab & X Ray Centre, Darman Road Shakarghar NarowalDarman Road Shakargarh Narowal0300-7771700
354 OkaraBio Path Clinical Lab, Shahzad Shaheed Road, OkaraNear Company Park, Shahzak Shaheed Road, Okara0333-6975522
355 OkaraIbn-e-Sina Lab, OkaraNear DHQ Hospital, Okara0303-3195801
356 OkaraImran Test Lab, Renala Khurd, Okara Sher Garh Road, Renala Khurd, Okara 0333-3952417
357 OkaraMedi Test LabNear Bus Stand Kasur Road, Depalpur, Okara0300-6962375
358 OkaraMedi Test Laboratory & X,Ray Center, Near D.H.Q Hospital, OkaraNear D.H.Q Hospital District Okara0300-3866488
359 OkaraMulti Test LabNear Ratta Khana Chowk Kasur Road Depalpur, Okara0322-6918292
360 OkaraTahir Diagnostic Centre, OkaraTahir Diagnostic Centre, Muslim Colony Near DHQ Hospital Okara0300-6951525
361 PakpattanAl Rehman Labopratory, Near THQ Hospital, PakpattanNear THQ Hospital Doctor Colony Arif Wala District Pakpattan0302-9019071
362 Rahim Yar KhanAzra Clinical Lab, Hospital Road Rahim Yar KhanHospital Road Rahim Yar Khan0300-9675175
363 Rahim Yar KhanNayab Labs, Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar KhanHospital Road, Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan0301-8673636
364 Rahim Yar KhanPatho Care LaboratoryHospital Road, Opposite Habib Bank, Rahim Yar Khan0333-3303300
365 Rahim Yar KhanPunjab Diagnostic CT Scan Centre, Rahim Yar Khan 9-A,Jail Road, SatelliteTown, Rahim Yar Khan 0321-6701417
366 Rahim Yar KhanTalha Labs, Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar KhanHospital Road, Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan0300-6700196
367 Rahim Yar KhanThe Advance Anmol Clinical Laboratories & Research Center, Hospital Road, Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar KhanNear Telephone Exchange, Hospital Road, Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan0300-4408954
368 Rahim Yar KhanUsama Clinical Laboratory, Hospital Road, Rahim Yar KhanHospital Road, Rahim Yar Khan0300-6722455
369 RajanpurJan Clinical Laboratory, Jampur, RajanpurJan Clinical Laboratory, Jampur, Rajanpur0333-6456975
370 RawalpindiAccurate Lab, Holy Family Hospital Satellite Town, RawalpindiOpposite Gate # 1-2 Hospital Road Holy Family Hospital Satellite Town, Rawalpindi0333-5707582
371 RawalpindiACME LabLane No. 5, Sarwar Clinics, Below Amer Eye Hospital, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi0300-5190704
372 RawalpindiAdil DiagnosticsB-1315, Saidpur Road, Rawalpindi0322-5100300
373 RawalpindiAdvance Diagnostic Lab, Gulraiz, RawalpindiHassan Plaza 1st Floor Opp Margala Denta College Gulraiz Rawalpindi 0333-5414008
374 RawalpindiAga Khan Stat Lab, Saidpur Road, RawalpindiNW-797 Saidpur Road District Rawalpindi0334-5575999
375 RawalpindiAl Janat Medical Lab & Diagnostic CentreOffice # 2nd Floor, Royal Plaza Near 6th Road Rawalpindi0322-5021931
376 RawalpindiAl Mustaqbil Lab, Asghar Mall Scheme, RawalpindiHouse No 67, Asghar Mall Scheme, Rawalpindi0300-9503081
377 RawalpindiAl Rehman Diagnostic Center, C-Block Satellite Town, Rawalpindi81-C/A C-Block Satellite Town District Rawalpindi 
378 RawalpindiAl Rehman Medical Laboratory, Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi110 Family Plaza, Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi0300-8844139
379 RawalpindiAlfa Lab & Diagnostic Center, Kashmir Gate Plaza, RawalpindiShop No 4 Kashmir Gate Plaza Opp Benazir Bhutto Hospital Murree Road Rawalpindi 0333-5164842
380 RawalpindiAllied Diagnostic Centre, Satellite Town, RawalpindiD-845, 5th Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi0300-7304511
381 RawalpindiAqsa Medical Diagnostic Centre, 48-A Satellite Town, Rawalpindi48-A Satellite Town District Rawalpindi0300-5000276
382 RawalpindiArsh Diagnostic Lab, Fauji Colony, RawalpindiMain Fauji Colony, Bokra Road, Rawalpindi0336-6666969
383 RawalpindiAskari Lab, Mall Road, RawalpindiMall Road Sadar Rawalpindi 0321-5422882
384 RawalpindiAyesha Lab & Diagnostic Centre, Opp BB Hospital Murree Road, RawalpindiShop No.2 Kashmir Gate Plaza Opp BB Hospital Murree Road District Rawalpindi 
385 RawalpindiAyyub Lab, Police Station Road, RawalpindiShop No 60,61/B Ist Floor Mega Medical Complex, Police Station Road, Rawalpindi0333-5464271
386 RawalpindiAZ DiagnosticsShop No 3 Kashmir Gate Plaza Main Murree Road Opposite BBH, Rawalpindi0334-6329030
387 RawalpindiBio Lab Clinical laboratory, Mughalabad RawalpindiShop No 845, sultan Complex, Abid Majeed Road Mughalabad Rawalpindi Cantt0333-5177895
388 RawalpindiBio Path Clinical Labs Islamabad,Mian KRL Road Rawalpindi41 Street No 4 , Jamshaid Colony Main KRL Road ,Rawalpindi0321-5370454
389 RawalpindiBiotech Molecular & Clinical Lab35-E/4, Holy Family Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi0335-5522688
390 RawalpindiBiotech Molecular Diagnostic LabE-1, Main Saidpur Road Near Holy Family Stop, Rawalpindi0335-5098988
391 RawalpindiBismillah Diagnostic Centre, RawalpindiMain Peshawar Road, Near Revaj Marriage Hall, Rawalpindi0300-8464049
392 RawalpindiCapital Medical & Diagnostic Centre, Satellite Town, RawalpindiPoperty No 630, E Block, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi0321-8616161
393 RawalpindiCare Laboratories, Saidpur Road, RawalpindiB-973 Haidry Chowk, Saidpur Road, Rawalpindi0310-6501867
394 RawalpindiCenter of Excellence LaboratoryA/224-5&6, Sabza Zar Dheri, Range Road Near CMH, Rawalpindi0334-5367991
395 RawalpindiCentral Lab, Murree Road, Rawalpindi1006-04 Opp Out Gate BBH, Murree Road District Rawalpindi0333-0514205
396 RawalpindiChughtai Pathalogy Lab, Holy Family Hospital, RawalpindiF-879, Family Plaza, Shop NO.2, Opposite Gate No.3, Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi0343-9611702
397 RawalpindiCiti Lab Kashmir Gate Plaza Opp Benazir Bhutoo Hospital Marree Road RawalpindiCitilab Kashmir Gate Plaza Opp Benazir Bhutoo Hospital Marree Road Rawalpindi0300-8501037
398 RawalpindiDr Aslam Upal Diagnostic Centre, Rawalpindi3 Qaid Avenue Lalazar District Rawalpindi0321-5111169
399 RawalpindiDr. Samina Amanat Lab & Medical CenterShop No. D-1022, Main Saidpur Road, Rawalpindi 
400 RawalpindiEllahi Lab, Jamshaid Colony, RawalpindiDr Qdeer Khan Road Khana Pul Peer Jamshaid Colony, Rawalpindi0300-5123431
401 RawalpindiEsha Shaheen Diagnostic Centre, Mall Road, RawalpindiMega Mall, Mall Road, Rawalpindi0321-5000052
402 RawalpindiFamily Clinical Laboratory, Allah Abad, RawalpindiFamily Clinical Laboratory, Westridge-III, Allah Abad, Rawalpindi0300-5281095
403 RawalpindiFederal Diagnostic Centre, B-399 Rawal Plaza Satellite Town, RawalpindiB-399 Rawal Plaza 4th-B Road B-Block Satellite Town, Rawalpindi0300-8558807
404 RawalpindiFuture LabsPlot No 6 Main Haider Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi0315-6520474
405 RawalpindiGenetics Resource Centre & GRC Lab1st Floor Rafay Mall Peshawar Road Westridge, Rawalpindi0333-5623478
406 RawalpindiGlobal Medical CentrePlot No. B.730, Al Rahim Arcade, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi0333-5125983
407 RawalpindiGlobal Medical Services, RawalpindiBuilding No D-135, D Block, Back Side Midway Shopping Mall, 6th Road, Rawalpindi0345-5998634
408 RawalpindiGulf Medical Centre, RawalpindiHouse # 67, Al Hanan Road, Asghar Mall Scheme Rawalpindi0333-5441122
409 RawalpindiHashmi Clinical Laboratory(4PM To 8PM), Misrial Road, RawalpindiShop No 3 Anwar Market Street No 9 Misrial Road, Rawalpindi0303-0549603
410 RawalpindiHealth Care Labs, Saidpur Road, RawalpindiNW 919, Surgery Care, Saidpur Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi0333-5173972
411 RawalpindiHealth Ways Laboratories8/III Murree Road Opposite Ministry Of Defence, Rawalpindi0321-5565288
412 RawalpindiHumna Diagnostic Centre, RawalpindiB-934, 4th Road, Near Chandni Chowk, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi0315-5141213
413 RawalpindiIbne Sena Laboratory & Diagnostic Centre, Satellite Town, RawalpindiHouse No 6, Kashmir Gate Plaza, Opp B.B Hospital, Muree Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi0321-8508950
414 RawalpindiKhaleej Diagnostic Center284/2, Raja Akram Road Near Race Course Ground, Rawalpindi0333-5121279
415 RawalpindiKhayaban Clinical Lab, Khayaban e Sir Sayyed, RawalpindiHameed Plaza Sector II Awan Market Khayaban e Sir Sayyed, Rawalpindi0312-2505000
416 RawalpindiLillah Medical Diagnostic Centre, Rawalpindi101-A, Behind Taj Mehal Plaza 6th RD. Chowk, Rawalpindi0300-5252192
417 RawalpindiM Care LabMisaryal Road,Misaryal Chowk Near Allide Bank, Rawalpindi0300-8366963
418 RawalpindiMahnoor Diagnostic Center378-Saidpur Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi0321-5599227
419 RawalpindiMarhaba Medical Diagnostic CenterE-50,E Block ,Nearby Haidri Chowk ,Satellite Town ,Rawalpindi0322-4423325
420 RawalpindiMed Path Laboratory, gate No 3,basement Abbasi medical store , holy family hospital road , Rawalpindi House No.208, Lane No.07, Army Officers Colony, Moragh, Rawalpindi0334-5120507
421 RawalpindiMedAsk Clinical LaboratorySecond Floor, Thalassemia House, Opposite Rawalpindi Medical University, Tipu Road, Rawalpindi0300-5059783
422 RawalpindiMehar LabChowk Dheri, Hassanabad, Rawalpindi0321-5515680
423 RawalpindiModern Diagnostic CentreF-833/14, Opposite Gate No 2 Holy Family Hospital, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi0334-5155469
424 RawalpindiNadeem Clinical LaboratoryLiaqat Ali Nadeem Clinical Laboratory, Faisal Shaheed Road Near Over Head Bridge Taxila District, Rawalpindi0345-5618545
425 RawalpindiNational Laboratory Alamin Plaza, RawalpindiAlamin Plaza Mall Road Sadar, Rawalpindi0345-5065891
426 RawalpindiNelson Lab, Army Facility Complex, RawalpindiArmy Facility Compler Abid Majid Road Near Main Gate Afimh District Rawalpindi0308-5000489
427 RawalpindiNEXUS Diagnostics, Aziz Bhatti Road Rawalpindi238/5 Aziz Bhatti Road, Rawalpindi0333-5505035
428 RawalpindiPak Rawalpindi Medical Lab, Satellite Town, RawalpindiF-786, Near Siddique Chowk, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi0300-9623125
429 RawalpindiPak Saudi Diagnostic Center, Behria Town, RawalpindiNo33 2nd Floor, Asian Bussines Center, G.T Road, Main Gate Behria Town, Phase 7/8, Rawalpindi0300-9503819
430 RawalpindiPearl Diagnostic Centre, Royal Plaza, RawalpindiOffice # 2, 3rd Floor, Royal Plaza, 6th Road Rawalpindi0335-8027230
431 RawalpindiPotohar Medical Clinic, Masood Arcade IJP Road, RawalpindiMasood Arcade IJP Road District Rawalpindi0322-5007443
432 RawalpindiPremium Diagnostics Lab, Saddar, Rawalpindi2 The Mall, Opp Nadira Office, Saddar, Rawalpindi0322-8505100
433 RawalpindiPrime City Clinical Lab, Kahuta, RawalpindiGhafar Plaza Channi Bazar Kahuta, Rawalpindi0300-5130335
434 RawalpindiRawalpindi Diagnostic Centre, Scheme-III Chaklala, RawalpindiHouse No.626 Street No.8 Scheme-III Chaklala District Rawalpindi0300-8558197
435 RawalpindiReliance Medical Lab, Satellite Town, RawalpindiD-975, D-Block, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi0321-5893458
436 RawalpindiSanober Clinical Laboratory, Sadiqabad, RawalpindiDT 211-A Chirrah Road Sadiqabad, Rawalpindi0332-6575677
437 RawalpindiSapphire Medical & Diagnostic Centre, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi11-DI- 6th Road Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.0321-4900150
438 RawalpindiSmart Diagnostic CentreOpposite THQ Hospital, Kahuta,Rawalpindi0334-1777748
439 RawalpindiTaqwa Medical Centre, Satellite Town, RawalpindiJawad Plaza, Opposite IJP Metro Station, IJP Road, Rawalpindi 
440 RawalpindiTaxila Clinical LaboratoryFaisal Shaheed Road, Opposite Mekfooz Dawakhana, Taxila, Rawalpindi0300-5116509
441 RawalpindiTemar Diagnostic Centre, Rawat Road, RawalpindiBuilding # 1 Adjacent to Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology Rawal Road, Rawalpindi0320-5000062
442 RawalpindiThe Ghalib LabGhousia Market Opposite Punjab Bank Kallar Syedan, Rawalpindi0312-9098664
443 RawalpindiThe Shifa LabShop No 3, Paris Plaza, Trolly Ada, Khana Road, Rawalpindi0301-5414042
444 RawalpindiTwin City Diagnostics, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi78-A Aran Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi0345-5112621
445 RawalpindiUnited Lab, Alam Plaza Fall Road, Rawalpindi1St Floor Alam Plaza Opp Mh Afic Teh Fall Road District Rawalpindi0333-5347699
446 RawalpindiUrgent Medical Diagnostic CentreTaj Tower, A-101 Satellite Town, 6th Road Chowk Rawalpindi0321-2555001
447 RawalpindiUrwah Lab, Chaudhary Plaza, RawalpindiShop No B-IV-13, Chaudhary Plaza, Chirah Road, Sadiq Abad Chowk, Rawalpindi0334-5003942
448 RawalpindiYashfeen Medical & Diagnostic Centre, Murree Road RawalpindiOffice No O-1, 6 1 J, Johar Town Murree Road Rawalpindi0320-5000062
449 RawalpindiZainab Clinical Labortary, Lal Kurti, RawalpindiMain Chowk Lalkurti, Near Dispensary Ground, Rawalpindi0335-6660111
450 SahiwalAlfalah Diagnostic Labs Pvt Ltd203-B1 Hali Road, Sahiwal0300-6900651
451 SahiwalGanj Shakar Pathology Laboratory & Research Center, Opp Gate No 1 Civil Hospital, SahiwalOpposite Gate No1 Civil Hospital, Sahiwal0300-7834400
452 SahiwalIslamabad Diagnostic CenterOpposite DHQ Hospital Gate No.1, ,Kot Fareed, Noor Shah Road, Sahiwal0343-8530067
453 SahiwalLife Care Diagnostic lab, Bandari Chowk, Sahiwal Bandari Chowk Girls College Road Sahiwal 0305-5956788
454 Sahiwallife Care Diagnostic Lab, Opposite D.H.Q Hospital, Sahiwallife Care Diagnostic Lab, Opposite D.H.Q Hospital, Sahiwal0322-6686637
455 SahiwalPearl Laboratories & Research Center, Chichawatni, SahiwalKhursheed Plaza Block No 16, Chichawatni, Sahiwal 0321-6003636
456 SahiwalPearl Laboratories & Research Centre, Tehsil Chowk Sahiwal Tehsil Chowk High Street Sahiwal 0300-0846540
457 SahiwalPunjab Diagnostic Lab, DHQ Hospital, SahiwalOpp DHA Gate No.1 District Sahiwal0300-9699693
458 SahiwalRifah Laboratories, Tehsil Chowk Halli Road SahiwalTehsil Chowk, Halli Road, Sahiwal0300-4006515
459 SahiwalShafqat Lab, Beri Wala Chowk Sahiwal138 B-VIII, Beri Wala Chowk Sahiwal0313-4429724
460 SahiwalTaj LAB145/b-2 Karbla Road, Sahiwal0300-6904056
461 SahiwalUnique Lahore Lab175 Hali Road, Tehsil Chowk, Sahiwal0333-4574519
462 SargodhaAjmal Lab, Satellite Town, SargodhaOpp Ibrahim Hospital, Satellite Town, Sargodha0333-4982838
463 SargodhaAli Clinical Laboratory, Near Thana Chowk, SargodhaCivil Hospital Road Near Thana Chowk Bhalwal, Sargodha0300-6063101
464 SargodhaArqam Lab, Satellite Town Main Bazar Sargodha43-A Satellite Town Main Bazar Sargodha0321-6014032
465 SargodhaChughtai Static Lab301-A Al Nawaz Plaza Miuan Bazar,Setlite Town, Sargodha0345-8445089
466 SargodhaCiti Lab & Research Centre Near Siddique Hospital, Sargodha0341-4448865
467 SargodhaCity Care Lab32-A Main Bazar Satellite Town, Sargodha0333-9609500
468 SargodhaCity Care Lab, OLD DHQ, SaroghdaMain Khushab Road, Opp Old DHQ, Saroghda0333-9609500
469 SargodhaKhan Lab, Satellite Town, Sargodha18-A, Main Market Satellite Town, Sargodha0320-6025373
470 SargodhaMadina Clinical LaboratoryChanab Bazar Kot Momin, Sargodha0324-4338003
471 SargodhaMadina LaboratoryRailway Road, Phulaswan, Bhalwal, Sargodha0343-6660041
472 SargodhaMalik Lab, Opp. Shadab Traders, Near Imam Bargah Block No. 7, Khushab Road, Tehsil & District Sargodha0321-6019853
473 SargodhaNew Rehman Clinical And PCR Laboratories, Satellite Town, Sargodha701-A Satellite Town, Sargodha0321-6056079
474 SargodhaShaheen Clinical Laboratory, Thana choek Bhalwal SargodhaThana Chowk THQ Hospital Road Bhalwal Sargodha0321-6038797
475 SheikhupuraAdvance Diagnostic Centre, Sharaqpur Sharif ShekhupuraNear Bank Al Falah Sharaqpur Sharif, Sheikhupura0334-1844621
476 SheikhupuraCare Clinical Lab, Nabipura, SheikhupuraOpp Shahbaz Sharif Mother & Children Complex, Nabipura, Sheikhupura0342-7101179
477 SheikhupuraHRO Clinical Diagnostic Lab (Trust), Sargodha Road, SheikhupuraHRO Shop No 2 Civic Centre Near Meezan Bank Sargodha Road District Sheikhupura0301-5273503
478 SheikhupuraMarhaba Clinical Laboratory, Safdarabad, SheikhupuraOpp Girls School, Railway Street, Madni Mohallah, Safdarabad, Sheikhupura0346-7711324
479 SheikhupuraNew Lahore Lab, Opposite DHQ Hospital, SheikhupuraKaramat Market Opposite DHQ Hospital, Sheikhupura0333-4446311
480 SheikhupuraPak Lab , Sargodha Road, SheikhupuraLahore Sargodha Road Opp DHQ Hospital Sheikhupura0300-4139569
481 SheikhupuraRayyan LabOpposite DHQ Hospital, Sheikhupura0333-3373135
482 SheikhupuraShafaq Lab7 College Road, Civil Lines District Sheikhupura0321-3010055
483 SheikhupuraTest One Laboratory, Lahore Road Road, SheikhupuraOpp DHQ Hospital Basement Alabad Medical Store, Lahore Road, Sheikhupura0322-8410551
484 SialkotAl Hafiz Medical Laboratories, Head Marala Sialkot Head Marala Dhally Wali Sialkot 0332-8706320
485 SialkotAl Khalid Medical LabKatchehry Road Near Toyota Stand Pasrur, District Sialkot0300-7491615
486 SialkotAl Shifa Lab, College Road, SialkotJinnah Islamia College Road, Sialkot0345-6800965
487 SialkotAshraf Lab, Near DHQ Hospital, SialkotNear DHQ Hospital, Allama Iqbal Memorial Hospital, Sialkot0333-8601407
488 SialkotCity Care LabOpposite Civil Hospital, Civil Chowk, Daska, Sialkot0320-6477368
489 SialkotCol Sultans Lab, 34-Cantonment Plaza, Sialkot34-Cantonment Plaza, Sialkot0300-8611520
490 SialkotDaska Digital Diagonstic Centre, Daska, SialkotDaska Digital Diagonstic Centre, Opposite Civil Hospital, Daska, Sialkot0300-6427538
491 SialkotDr Abdul Sattar Lab, Commissioner Road, SialkotLal Zar Chowk Commissioner Road, Sialkot0322-5129646
492 SialkotDr Naeem's LabCommissioner Road, Sialkot0333-8613200
493 SialkotDr. Faiz LabLala Zar Chowk Commissioner Road, Sialkot0302-8711724
494 SialkotGalaxy Medical &Diagnostic CenterWazirabad Road, Noul Morr Near Rajco Industries, Sialkot0306-8888040
495 SialkotIdeal LabLalazar Chowk, Islamia College Road, Sialkot0331-8615007
496 SialkotIrfan Lab, Daska, SialkotDaska, Sialkot0300-9612311
497 SialkotIslamabad Diagnostic Centre (Pvt.) Ltd. Sialkot BranchCantt Plaza Near Bhed Pulli, Sialkot Cantt, Sialkot0337-1427217
498 SialkotK Z Lab, Defence Road, SialkotBilal Market Near Purana Yateem Khana Defence Road, Sialkot  
499 SialkotNova Diagnostic CenterSultan Plaza, Khadim Ali Road, Sialkot0302-6188815
500 SialkotPunjab LabChirag Din Plaza, Circular Road, Sialkot0300-6172955
501 SialkotRahila Research Lab, Church Road, SialkotChurch Road, Near Sardar Begum Hospital, Opp Usman Masjid, Sialkot0333-6192949
502 SialkotThe City Lab, Commissioner Road, SialkotCommissioner Road, Opposite AIM Hospital, Sialkot0345-6803330
503 SialkotThe Medical LabAdda Jhai, Gulbahar, Chaprar Road, Sialkot0300-6103795
504 Toba Tek SinghCity Clinical Laboratory, Jhang Road, Toba Tek SinghJhang Road, Toba Tek Singh0333-6538564
505 Toba Tek SinghNoor Laboratories, Jhang Road, Toba Tek SinghOpposite TMA Office Jhang Road, Toba Tek Singh0333-6871723
506 Toba Tek SinghRehmat Diagnostic LaboratoriesQuaid e Azam Road Mehdi Shah Bazar Near HBL, Gojra0343-8652022
507 VehariLatif Lab, DHQ hospital Road VehariDHQ hospital Road Vehari0300-6303558
508 VehariLife Diagnostic CenterNew Model Town Stadium Road Burewala, Vehari0331-6994500
509 VehariLife Diagnostic Centre, Jinnah Road, VehariLife Diagnostic Centre Jinnah Road District Vehari0333-7725360
510 VehariSohail's Lab, Stadiam Road Burawala Vehari Stadium Road Burawala Vehari0300-6993205
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